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A Product That Needed a New Website

A company with a new product to sell was finding it hard to reach the exact customers it needed in order to make sales. KiON Specialty Polymers was used to selling its products to manufacturers, but it didn't have experience selling products to end users. Its corporate website was geared toward manufacturers and was not user friendly enough for end-user customers interested in buying a product from the company.

The new product was floundering due to the focus of the company's website. Without a targeted website that would help customers to find the product, the company was losing potential customers every day. Their anti-graffiti coating was simply lost on a large corporate site that wasn't set up to appeal to the potential buyers of the product.

Targeting a Website

The original corporate site was finding its target audience well. Manufacturers were used to looking through the site to find the products they needed. The site didn't make it easy for new customers to find new products, and the company didn't want to lose its existing customers by changing the focus of the site. The problem was having a site that focused on helping new customers to find the new product while not changing up the site and making it hard for existing customers to find the things they bought regularly.

The solution to this problem was found by Accessible Computing®. Instead of shaking up a site that worked well for its specific function, Accessible Computing® created a second site that would focus specifically on the new product. As a matter of fact, Accessible Computing® understood the demand for the product all over the world and created two sites for the coating. The first site is geared toward North American customers. The second takes things global with a site that appeals to overseas customers.

The Difference a New Website Makes

The anti-graffiti coating now has a site that features it prominently. It's a user-friendly site that is easily accessible by the average consumer. It clearly explains the features of the product and tells customers how it can benefit them. It allows customers to contact the company to ask questions, and it's getting a growing response.

KiON Specialty Polymers reports that customers are finding the new site and contacting the company about their product. A growing number of customers are now finding the new product and calling for more information. A simple Google search now directs targeted customers directly to the site where they can easily find the product that fills their need. And because the site is easy to find and to use, sales are growing.

Stephanie Melton, Marketing Development Manager of KiON Specialty Polymers is pleased with the new sites and with the level of service and expertise delivered by Accessible Computing®. "Christian and everyone at A/C have been very helpful and knowledgeable about questions we had, and have given us good strategies to move forward," Melton said.

If being able to target your prospective customers more cost-effectively and efficiently would make a difference to your profitability, contact Accessible Computing® to request your Free Consultation.

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