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Date Published: December 6, 2006

Cutting Edge Website Company Speaks at Winthrop University


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Cutting Edge Website Company Speaks at Winthrop University

(Charlotte, NC, December 6, 2006) The marketing department at Winthrop University is always looking for opportunities to expand their horizons into new areas. Sometimes, that effort involves improving your present business strategy. Christian Abad and Darrell Johnson of Accessible Computing, Inc. spoke to Dr. Cara Peters and her class about the importance of maximizing your website by making it accessible and usable to all.

Dr. Cara Peters is the assistant professor of marketing in Winthrop's business administration college. She teaches promotion and marketing management and ecommerce to undergraduate students and promotion and marketing management to MBA students as well. Dr. Peters has published in numerous conference proceedings and peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Consumption, Markets, and Culture, and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Her main objective is to teach her students how to best take advantage of emerging markets. That is why she called in the team at Accessible Computing, Inc.

Dr. Peters brought Christian Abad and Darrell Johnson to Winthrop because she believes universities should be integrated with the business community. Many concepts learned in the classical studies of textbook learning cannot be applied to real life experience. She says, "People in practice can bring real world experience to the classroom. I wanted to bring a company doing cutting-edge work like Accessible Computing, Inc. to my students so they could see another dynamic approach."

The true marketing benefits come from a website that is technically well-written. There is a strong overlap for smaller subsets (groups) that Accessible Computing, Inc. makes better through search engine optimization. Search engine optimization really helps businesses gain an advantage by improving their visibility to their target markets. Allowing 100% of the population to visit your website makes it more accessible. In addition to serving the disabled community, the fastest growing segment of our population, the Baby Boomers, have a great need for accessible websites. "Silver Surfers," or Internet users older than 60, continue to come online in growing numbers, representing 15 percent of the nation's online population, according to AARP estimates. Assistive technologies like screen readers and voice-recognition technology will make computer usage much easier for these Baby Boomers.

Dr. Cara Peters believes that all business should be sound with public policy. There are plenty of implications for marketers. Even if a company is not directly affected, there is a social responsibility to doing well for all. Awareness of these issues can help businesses take a proactive approach to increasing their reach of potential customers. It can also be a selling point similarly to the green revolution going on in businesses today. Equal access to all computer users and conversely equal access to all information on the internet is what will keep the internet the most democratic...

About Accessible Computing:

Christian N. Abad, President of Accessible Computing, Inc., founded the company in 2005. Accessible Computing performs a variety of Internet-related services, including website design, website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online marketing, for companies and organizations of all sizes. These websites are built with web accessibility and usability in mind. In order to view the capabilities and examples of an Accessible Computing website online visit

About Winthrop University:

Winthrop University is located in Rock Hill, SC and was founded in 1886 as the Winthrop Training School for teachers. It attained university status in 1992. Today, there are 6500 students attending class there. Winthrop offers 37 undergraduate degrees and 25 graduate degrees, one of which is the College of Business. The Winthrop College of Business provides a business administration program that is excellent in quality, contemporary in design, and relevant to dynamic business practices. In order to find out more about the opportunities that await you at Winthrop University and their business college, please visit


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