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Date Published: November 7, 2006

New Website Dedicated to Infidelity Help and Support has a Good Marriage with its Web Development Firm

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New Website Dedicated to Infidelity Help and Support has a Good Marriage with its Web Development Firm.

New Website Dedicated to Infidelity Help and Support has a Good Marriage with its Web Development Firm.

(Charlotte, NC, November 7, 2006)  An entire, huge website dedicated solely to helping victims of infidelity? In fact, there already are hundreds of websites offering information and various levels of support to the tens of millions of Americans whose relationships have been affected by infidelity. But, its founders say, will be the infidelity-help website people will visit and rely on more than any other.

"We're spending more money, doing more research, bringing in more leading experts, promoting ourselves more aggressively and offering the highest level of infidelity information, help and support available in one place," says Anthony DeLorenzo, president and one of the founders of New Jersey-based To create the dominant website in any field is challenging enough  but the emotionally charged topic of infidelity adds an extra burden on the website development team. "We need a site that makes our visitors feel comfortable, in control, and confident that they have found a safe haven, all of which is why we chose Accessible Computing, Inc., to develop," Mr. DeLorenzo says. "More than any other development team we interviewed," DeLorenzo adds, "Accessible Computing 'got it,' as they understood that making our site as easy-to-use, trouble-free and visitor-friendly as possible was critical to the website's success."

Director of Content for, Ken Baron, states the Accessible Computing's expertise in usability was what initially drew the management team to Accessible Computing. "That was very important to us, making our very complex and content-rich site simple to navigate," Baron says, adding, "but Accessible Computing also proved to us that they could handle designing and developing a very large, complex content-driven site." Mr. Baron additionally was impressed with Accessible Computing's ability to develop a customized content management system (CMS) which enables Baron's staff to handle the many hundreds of articles and features that will hold.'s DeLorenzo  who, as a nationally-recognized expert on infidelity, has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, 20/20 and many other shows  said that Accessible Computing was also charged with developing the advertising "engine" for "The advertising functionality is critical to's success," Mr. DeLorenzo explains, "as the advertising space we sell on is our main source of revenue. The robust advertising engine Accessible Computing developed for us is as sophisticated as any we've seen on other large websites. We're very pleased."

Such compliments make Charlotte, NC-based Accessible Computing, Inc.'s president and founder, Christian N. Abad, equally pleased. "Practically every design and development expertise our team was utilized to the maximum in creating this enormous, and highly complex website," Mr. Abad says, adding "I'm proud that virtually every aspect has gone according to plan which, on a small site is what you would expect, but on a site like, it's a real achievement."

The fruits of those efforts will be seen in January, 2007, when will launch; according to market research conducted by the website, is expected to attract 50,000 visitors a day within its first three months. Speaking of the last four-month's development of the website,'s Anthony DeLorenzo says "This has been one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding team efforts I've ever participated in. And we certainly could not have made this happen without Accessible Computing's help." Sounds like this relationship, anyway, is a happy one.


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